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Egg Freezing

Start a family when the time is right for you.

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Egg Freezing

Today, eggs and sperm can be reliably frozen using state-of-the-art medical procedures. We can protect your eggs and store them safely in a process known as ‘cryopreservation’.

This will allow you to choose the right moment to start a family.

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Protect your young eggs

At the age of 25, the number of healthy eggs in your body is much higher than in older women. The chance of getting pregnant naturally falls with age, as the number of healthy eggs also decreases. If you decide that now is not quite the right time to start a family, your eggs can be frozen and preserved for later use.

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Ready for the future

From a woman’s mid-30s onwards, the chances of her body releasing healthy eggs that can be fertilised successfully decrease significantly. Eggs that have been extracted and frozen can be stored safely, fertilised artificially at a later date, and then transferred back into the uterus, enabling you to become pregnant when the timing suits your life situation.

Your chances of getting pregnant

A woman’s age is one factor that determines the number and health of her eggs. Move the age slider to see the average probability of getting pregnant naturally.

18 years
50 years

This is an average value based on independent statistics from the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society in 2004. Your personal situation depends on many factors, which can be analysed by our specialists in an individual assessment. We will be happy to arrange an initial consultation and provide further clarification.

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