Patient and specimen safety

We are committed to the highest quality standards.


Protection against specimen mix-ups

The 360° Kinderwunsch Zentrum uses RI Witness to prevent confusion of patient specimens. This electronic system is used to encode each sample container with an RFID radio chip.

This makes it possible to fully monitor and protect all activities and processes in the IVF laboratory using the integrated antennas. If there are specimens on the work surface that do not belong to the planned work step, a warning sounds.


Find out more about the RI Witness system.

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Laboratory infrastructure

We use Log & Guard from Vitrolife to ensure comprehensive quality control and monitoring, enabling us to monitor all parameters in real time and around the clock using a remote monitoring and alarm system.

The relevant specialists are notified immediately if factors and parameters such as power supply, pH, temperature, etc. behave unexpectedly.


Data collection and compliance

The FIVNAT database (national IVF statistics and database managed by the Swiss Society of Reproductive Medicine (SGRM)) collects data from Swiss clinics and medical practices that offer assisted reproductive technology.
Based on this data, compliance with existing guidelines can be analysed and serves as quality assurance.


Our accredited membership of the specialised Fertisave network means that we are optimally prepared and connected.

Find out more about the FIVNAT registry here.


Patient and anaesthesia safety

The comprehensive care provided by our experienced FMH specialists in anaesthesia and emergency medicine in collaboration with the Privatklinik Bethanien and alphacare guarantees safety throughout your treatment.

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Quality assurance standards in line with ISO 17025 & 9001

Supervision by the Cantonal Medical Service of the Health Department of the Canton of Zurich.

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