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Benefits and opportunities

The advantages of social freezing.

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Life situation

Of course, you want your future children to have the best father, or the best second mother, but you may not have found this person yet. You can prepare for the future by having your eggs frozen now. According to studies, women interested in cryopreservation often state the following motivations:

  • - I’m single
  • - I’m getting divorced
  • - I’m separated from my partner
  • - My partner isn’t ready for children yet
  • - The relationship is too new
  • - My current partner never wants to have children
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You know you’d like to have your own children one day, but due to your professional situation, now is not the time. Your body can’t wait, so our specialists can help to slow down your biological clock. 

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Health reasons

Egg freezing was originally developed for patients who needed radiotherapy or chemotherapy (i.e. to preserve fertility). Those affected by other (e.g. immunological, rheumatic) diseases or women with an unusually low egg count might also consider having their healthy eggs frozen before they lose their potential.

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The wish for a bigger family

Egg freezing is also an option when age is playing an increasing role (from the age of 35) and you want to have more than one child in the future. Each successful pregnancy leaves you at least 12 months older (and therefore less fertile) before the next pregnancy can be attempted. Miscarriages also often lead to an unwanted loss of time, and new illnesses can also affect fertility. Like a time capsule, frozen eggs help to counter these risks.

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Healthier eggs and embryos

Young eggs are rather unremarkable from a genetic perspective. This is because you were born with all the eggs you will ever have and, as you age, the genetic material in your eggs will inevitably be affected by harmful age-related influences. From the age of 35, this clearly reduces the chance of having a healthy baby.


Avoiding egg donation

From a certain age onwards, egg donation (using eggs donated by another woman) is the only possible treatment, as all other treatment options offer insufficient chances of success. This is prohibited in Switzerland, and is in any case ruled out by many patients for personal reasons. For these patients, egg freezing enables them to be their own egg ‘donor’.

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